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company named Deayea.The sys▓t

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r and a message will be sent to a backstage operator who can call the driver to

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wake him up or replace him, Xie ela▓borated.One of these devices costs around 100

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,000 yuan ($15,800), and includes service fees, according to Deayea.The company is

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working w▓ith a Beijing-based air force institute on a pilot selection system th

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and also their mood, such as whet▓her a

at can detect "unstable emotions" in candidates during▓ training, said Xie.Boosting profitsThe te▓chnolo

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gy is also being used in factor▓ies in Hangzhou at State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power, which said it could increase the overa▓ll efficiency of the workers by adjustin▓g the frequency and length of break times to reduc▓e mental stress, the South China M

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